Bike Sizing Made Easy

Size matters
While adult bicycles are selected according to frame size, kids' bikes are sized (and referred to) according to wheel size (see our photos and chart below).

The most important deciding factor is safety. You want a bicycle that lets them ride easily in complete control. All our children's and young-adult bicycles are adjustable to fit as your child grows.

Sizing by age and wheel size
Running bike
Age: 2 - 4
Wheel size: 12-inch (or smaller)
12-inch Age: 2 - 4
WS: 12-inch pedal bike (can include training wheels)
16-inchAge: 3 - 6
WS: 16-inch pedal bike (can include training wheels)
BMX bikeAge: 5 - 9
WS: 20-inch
24-inchAge: 7 - 11
WS: 24-inch
26-inch/700cAge: 10 - Adult
WS: 26-inch/700c

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We hope that this basic information on choosing, sizing and buying a children's bicycle is helpful and that you'll come see us when it's time to share your cycling love with that eager little one. We carefully select the kid's models we carry and assemble every one by hand plus stand behind every bicycle with a full guarantee, too, should you ever have a problem. We also properly fit the bike to your child and can show you the adjustments you can make as your child grows.